How to Choose a Medicare Advantage Insurance Agent

by Raul Gonzalez on December 10, 2020

Medicare Advantage insurance can be difficult to understand for people who do not deal with it every day. There are several options a Medicare Beneficiary has to be able to enroll in a plan.   You can go directly to the insurance carrier’s website to enroll in a plan, you can call the carrier directly to speak with someone over the phone and many carriers offer an option of sending a captive sales agent out to your home for a one-on-one appointment. We recommend that you meet with a local, licensed independent insurance agent that represents multiple plans, sometimes called a broker. A good independent agent will study several options and know the benefits of each plan in your area. They will also have a good idea of which doctors accept certain plans to help you narrow down your options. Many independent insurance agents have tools to enroll you over the phone. This is the best of both worlds because it gives you the opportunity to speak with someone local but the option to maintain social distance. 

Google - One of the best ways to find an agent is by using google. We highly recommend doing a quick google search for your area, such as, “Medicare Advantage San Antonio” or ‘Medicare Advantage Austin”. Your search will uncover a list of agencies in your area where you can see how many reviews an agency has as well as read their reviews to know what separates a good agent from a mediocre one. 

Ask a Friend If you have a friend who already has Medicare, they are probably happy to share the name of the agent that they worked with. Most agents are compensated directly by the insurance carrier, so they would welcome any and all referrals. Keep in mind, it is very important to verify that the agent works with multiple carriers.

Ask Your Doctor Many times your doctor may know of local agents or could at least give you a list of plans that they accept. 

If you have any questions about finding a local agent in Texas, call 210-908-6565. We are licensed insurance agency focused on helping clients find the right plan for them.

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